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29 Feb

Strong roots sustain us throughout life and are the foundation for the future. Here at Highlands, we honor and respect the roots of all of our students and foster strong and tall branches. The faculty and staff of Highlands help make that happen by supporting you in your professional and personal endeavors and helping you develop important leadership skills to support whatever path you might take.If you have any questions about the structure of the course, the grading systems, when papers are due, when tests will be given or anything else, this is the time to ask!Your instructors should cover the following topics on the first day of class.Eric Romero, Interim Department Chair, Languages and Culture 235 Douglas Hall, (505) 454-3009 Dr.Chris Conley, Interim Department Chair, Natural Resources Management 333 Ivan Hilton Science Technology Building, (505) 426-2267 Dr.

It doesn’t mean you’re an alien from outer space if you: But if you’re having trouble clarifying your goals, see an adviser in Academic Support. Highlands University offers a lot of support services that are yours, free, just for the asking. Look to professors, advisers and college staff for support, but not for decisions. You’re never too old, too young, too nervous, or too inexperienced for college.The Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for the instructional program of the university.

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