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11 Jul

The best po’ boy was the Peacemaker, pairing bacon with fried oysters.

Todd works in finance in New York, married the woman of his dreams and is the proud father of a baby boy.

He continues to be Tristan's "boy's eye view" for all things man-related.

Soon after the move, Todd was directed to lower his voice as an actor in the fourth-grade school play, with his mother in the auditorium.

That was the inspiration for Decision at Doona (1969) which she dedicated "To Todd Johnson—of course!

Back in Dublin he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree at the College of Technology (Bolton Street).

Later he earned a degree at Trinity College, Dublin.

But the gumbo and étouffée satisfied, as did a brunch offering of barbecue shrimp and grits with andouille sausage and bell peppers.

Best of all, Pier 247’s patio is a festive perch from which you can watch everyone else wait for their reservations across the street as you feed your face, pay your check, and then hop in your nearby car and head home.

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