Psp updating firmware

06 Mar

the locationfree player is also being included, which–when coupled with a base station–is meant to allow users to stream tv and movies from their home to their psp. and fanjita is no longer at its – by chris2.7 sucks. – by bryantgeek#1 doesnt have a hack there isnt no hacks for fw 2.7 if he does have the back he needs to post it he didnt post it so he is liein. i think that with a little more time i will get some more, cause in the first encrypted file you can give the machine into a buffer underrun failure!! if this is real, there wont be any problem in making simulators from an update file, and it will work for all firmwares!

homebrew (nor the gta exploit) will work with firmware version 2.71.

if you plan on using homebrew in the future, please do not update.

here it is, use a 2.6 update hex edit find 2.6 change it to 1.0 save it start 2.6 update on every 2.5 and lower psp and than in the system settings it says 1.0 but you have 2.6 so now you can use every update from 1.5 and up. wednesday, june 7th 2006 @ am – by freeplayi have 3 versions of loco roco, the first is on an original demo umd which contains other official game demos & also contains a v2.00 update???

, this came with the official psp magazine in the u.k.

– by treatment xand i also know that as long as you have a mpg4 if you name it mv (numerics) you dont have to worry about mpg 4 compatibility…. unless sony was just trying to keep all you pirates out there from using your own movies. it just shows that all this homebrew hacking goodness is getting sony's programmers to keep up with our garage programmers. beatstreet, and geek#1 look out 4 him or her – by warningu thanks dude geek#1 is a fake anyways i knew for a fact he didnt have the games only game for 2.7 is loco roco and geek i know he was liein so i didnt inspeacted nothin from him but thanks man – by bryantjoker you dont have to pay for the download just use google and search for it…and for the other guy use google to search for the 2.6 downgrader…and xsouthpole is a joke he doesnt have sony's code he is bullshittin to dont trust him he dont know shit – by bryantlaunching update 1.5 from a 2.5 pspmen, sony people are very stupid! but whoever makes a downgrader for 2.7 they will be god of psp's but for right now we are all screwed – by bryantjust go to google and type in games download whatever games you want but they have to be games or shockwave flash object well hook your psp to your computer which my psp is a (f) drive open it and paste the files there or move the files there which ever then on your psp go to your borswer and go to your address bar to where you type in a qebsite or whatever and type in file:/(the game name)or whatever the read me file says to do and then it will come up you dont need internet to play the games…go to fugly .com/flash/ to get the games there not psp compatible some are not but its the same thing you can still play them – by bryantman i downgraded my psp to 1.5 and 1.5 sucks i think i like 2.0 better because you can play later games and play homebrew and i got my super mario bros..because the psp can handle alot when it comes to bitrate(as is apparent in the umd movies). – by ewrektno photo exploit this time so it will probably take longer than previous firmware rapings. too and i got the n64 emulator and i been playin mario karts 64 and the best game ever golden eye 007 for n64…but 1.5 sucks i think because you cant change wallpaper or nothin like that 2.0 can do everything so why downgraded to 1.5 when you can downgrade and get 2.0 and have just about everything?i dont want to upgrade i have 2.5tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ pmposted by anonymous:if above post work.speculation.-have 2.7 and lower firmware-upgrade to 2.71 but hex edit so psp thinks psp is 1.0 speculation!tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ pmposted by anonymous:and the hexedit roco loco and the puzzel game, original 2.71 to 2.70 works on 2.70.

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