Dating demand

08 Apr

Use your best judgment considering your surroundings or if you are really stumped at how to properly eat, do what MD Miss Prissy @ss does as in... We have a grab and go food society for eating everywhere from standing up over the refrigerator to navigating a sandwich to your mouth while driving along the 405 in rush hour.

Do you ever ask yourself if this could ever be YOU, for a change?

If there were something you could do to help it become a reality, you would do it right? Meet Modern Day Miss Prissy @ss, your new dating and etiquette coach.

Just put the fork down sometimes and wipe milk mustaches and food falling off your face every so often. When making a reservation, it is proper for it to go under the Gentleman's last name.

After the Gentleman checks in for the reservation it is the "Ladies First" rule.

e all want to be in dating demand even if we are hooked up.Have you ever noticed those smooth, popular people with no more looks or money than you that always seem to be surrounded by hotter level dates than themselves?This is logical stuff if you just stop to think about it.MD Miss Prissy @ss says: manners would not have to be this extreme. Learn where and how you can use them when it counts. Remember, manners range differently from culture to culture. One of the casualties of the missing "Family Dinner Hour" is basic table manners.If you have to leave the table for any reason, excuse yourself.If it is an intimate dinner, set your cell phone for message pick up.Check out the extensive manual online if you are interested. These basic Miss Prissy @ss teachings work great when combined and brought up to date with modern day living considerations.We have to start somewhere, so it may as well be the definition of the words "manners" and "class" as told to my class by the original Miss Prissy @ss.