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11 Aug

#9 The website features an attractive woman behind a wire fence. Enough for this very strange website to exist, at least.Dishonorable mentions While searching for strange dating websites to research this article, I certainly didn’t have to look far.There was a treasure trove of highly specific websites for apparently picky people.In fact there are many startling online dating statistics that may have your eyebrow raising. #1 The percentage of couples who met online via social media or dating aps is a whopping 1 in 4!#2 In 2014 alone, the Canadian online dating industry has earned more than 0 million.

Check out Gluten-free Singles, a website that touts itself as a place where gluten-free singles can find dating partners, friends to share in healthy eating, gluten-free evening socials, and advice on the gluten-free lifestyle. #3 Alright, so dating a tall guy and having someone in your life who shares a diet suitable for those with specific allergies may not seem too strange, but what about clown dating?“Everybody loves a clown,” says the website, “Let a clown love you.” How many single clowns are there exactly that they need their own dating website? The tagline for this website says it all: “It’s no fun looking for love when you’re a clown.” On PURRsonals, you can find cat lovers who share your love for furry friends on this website.This strange and specific dating site was even been featured on Ellen De Generes.#2 Do you have a gluten intolerance that makes cooking for your special someone a real pain in the butt?Tired of not having someone in your life who shares your personal diet?Whether you’re dating a clown or a Trekkie, be safe, and have fun! You are such a strange phenomenon, so amazing & simultaneously horrifying.

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